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The 2019 session of the Colombia Summer Program will held in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is famous for its canals, university, museums and glorious history. The spirit of the Golden Age lives on here, the capital of The Netherlands and inspired so many influential painters. The canals, the historical buildings, the alleyways, the treasuries of knowledge, culture and science: Amsterdam is definitely a place worth getting to know. For general information about Amsterdam and its highlights you can visit:

Amsterdam is a colourful and lively city. With some 800,000 inhabitants (as compared to London's 7.5 million and Paris's 10 million), it has all the advantages of a major metropolitan centre while retaining a cosy, small-scale feel.

Amsterdam boasts beautiful architecture and over 150 canals, lending the city its characteristic shape and atmosphere. It is full of museums, art galleries, theatres, concert halls and many lovely parks, which serve as the inhabitants' gardens in summer. The city is home to world famous music, opera, theatre and dance companies, as well as many internationally recognised visual artists.

About the university of amsterdam and its faculty of law

In 1632, the Athenaeum Illustre was founded in Amsterdam to educate students in Trade and Philosophy. The Athenaeum was not yet a proper university and lessons were generally given in the professors' homes. Until the nineteenth century, the Athenaeum remained a small institution with no more than 250 students and eight teachers. In 1877, the situation changed when the Athenaeum Illustre became the Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA) and was permitted to confer the highest educational degrees.

The UvA aims to create an inspiring, diverse international academic environment, where both staff members and students can realize their full potential. The atmosphere is critical, creative, international and open-minded and encourages societal engagement. Located in a variety of historic and modern buildings spread throughout the city, the university forms an integral part of the city of Amsterdam.