Who is who

Who is who

Who is who

The organization

The Columbia Summer Program is organized by Stichting (Foundation) Leyden-Amsterdam Columbia Summer Program in American Law. Registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce number 41166809.
The foundation is housed at the Leiden University Law Faculty.

Program management

The coordinator of the Columbia Summer Program is drs. Jan Willem Kakebeeke alongside student assistents Sophie van der Kroon and Domnica Predescu. 

 Jan Willem Kakebeeke

Jan Willem Kakebeeke teaches Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Leiden Law School. He has a specific interest in the (social) impacts of digitalization in the legal system. Besides his teaching he enjoys working with aspiring entrepreneurs in general and early stage ventures regarding legal technologies.

Sophie van der Kroon

Sophie van der Kroon is a third-year Tax Law student at Leiden University. She has a particular interest in international law. At present, she is also assisting research on access to justice (and AI) in the European Union legal order.

Domnica Predescu

Domnica Predescu is currently a third-year student following the Arts, Media and Society Bachelor at Leiden University. Apart from art and various curatorial practices, her other interests include languages, public speaking and meeting new people.

Board of Directors

The Foundation is represented by deacons and senior academic staff of Columbia University, University of Amsterdam and Leiden University.
Prof. M.V. Polak (Leiden)
Prof. J. van der Leun (Leiden)
dr. F. Baetens (Leiden)
Prof. P.A. Nollkaemper (Amsterdam)
Prof. M. Barenberg (Columbia)
Prof E. Morrison (Columbia)