Teaching staff

Teaching staff

Teaching staff

The Columbia Summer Program teaching staff are known for the excellence and high quality that they bring to Amsterdam and Leiden every year.

Below you will find the teaching staff of the Columbia Summer Program 2022.

Edward Morrison

Edward R. Morrison is the Charles Evans Gerber Professor of Law at Columbia Law School. His areas of specialty include bankruptcy law, corporate reorganization, and law and economics. Morrison’s scholarship has addressed corporate reorganization, consumer bankruptcy, the regulation of systemic market risk, and foreclosure and mortgage modification.

Joshua Mitts

Joshua Mitts is an Associate Professor of Law and Milton Handler Fellow at Columbia Law School. Mitts' current areas of teaching and research are corporate law, securities law, and financial contracts, with a focus on information disclosure in capital markets, consumer financial protection, and related topics in law and finance. Mitts uses empirical methods, including statistical analysis and machine learning, to examine information transmission and contracting practices in financial markets.

Amber Baylor

Amber Baylor is an Associate Clinical Professor of Law at Columbia Law School. Baylor's areas of study include criminal justice, and social justice and human rights. She is the founding director of the Criminal Law Clinic, which focuses on defense representation in local criminal charges. Her work centers on local criminal regulation and its impacts on communities targeted by intensive policing.

Lynnise Pantin

Lynnise E. Pantin is a Pritzker Pucker Family Clinical Professor of Transactional Law at Columbia Law School. Pantin's areas of specialty include clinical legal education, entrepreneurship, and economic justice. Pantin is the founding director of the Entrepreneurship and Community Development Clinic.

Kellen Funk

Kellen R. Funk is an Associate Professor of Law at Columbia Law School. Funk is a legal historian with expertise in civil procedure and remedies. He has written on the history of civil litigation practices in the United States, the development and reform of the American bail system, and the juridical processes of churches and religious groups. His areas of specialty include the history of the practice and profession of law, pretrial procedure and bail bonding, and digital text analysis.

Bernard Harcourt

Bernard E. Harcourt is an Isidor and Seville Sulzbacher Professor of Law and Professor of Political Science at Columbia Law School. Harcourt is a distinguished critical theorist, legal advocate, and prolific writer and editor. His scholarship focuses on punishment practices and political economy, critical theory and praxis, and political protest.

Thomas Schmidt

Thomas P. Schmidt is an Academic Fellow and Lecturer at Columbia Law School. His areas of specialty are federal courts, constitutional law, and the history of legal thought. Before joining Columbia Law School, Schmidt practiced law for over six years, specializing in Supreme Court and appellate litigation.

Ashraf Ahmed

Ashraf Ahmed is an Academic Fellow and Lecturer at Columbia Law School. Ahmed's areas of specialty include constitutional law, theory, and history. He is currently working on a series of articles on constitutional conventions that comprise his dissertation, “The Conventional Constitution.”