Camila Simao, Brazil

Participant Columbia Summer Program 2017, Amsterdam:

The Columbia Summer Program was a great opportunity to gain a general understanding of American Law. The Socratic method of teaching used by the professors was really different from what I was used to in Brazil and fostered my interest in continuing to learn more about different legal systems. The program also allowed me to make friends and share experiences with people from all over the world, as well as to interact with the renowned professors from Columbia University not only in class, but also through lunches and cultural activities in Amsterdam. 


Victor Vaillaud, France

Participant Columbia Summer Program 2017, Amsterdam:

lived the Program as a real breath of fresh air in my Law studies: In addition to the undeniable intellectual enrichment of the courses, it was an incredible chance to meet people from the entire world, discover their way of thinking, and explore a wonderful city guided by its inhabitants. The days spent with these persons will remain etched in my memory and I am sure that some will be my friends for life!

Liliane Obrecht, Switzerland

Participant Columbia Summer Program 2018, Leiden:
Getting to know the American Legal System, talking to the well-known Columbia Professors and meeting people from all over the world broadened my horizon in many ways. It was a month filled with education, interesting discussions, laughter and fun! It is a pleasure and honor to be part of this community. CSP made my summer a memorable one!

Lakshika Harish Sachdev, India

Participant Columbia Summer Program 2016, Leiden:
Attending the Columbia Summer Program was an enriching experience. It was beyond what I expected and positively so. It was a perfect match for me - attending a summer program in American Law and a chance to visit Europe. CSP is a mixed package of American legal studies with a lot of fun. Plus, the cross-cultural exposure is amazing. Definitely recommended!

Mr Christian Krienke, Germany

Participant from the first ever Columbia Summer Program, Leiden, 1963:
"What an experience! On the way to studying law in Philadelphia/USA I had received a one month scholarship for above program at "Gravensteen". Being all the way European-wise influenced it was for the first time that I dived into the atmosphere of a leading US law school."

Petra Breukink, the Netherlands

Participant Leiden session 2004:
"Being a participant in the Leiden 2004 Session of the Columbia Summer program in American Law is something I can recommend to everybody! It was a true pleasure and an honor to attend classes of well-known and renowned professors of Columbia University. Besides that it is a great way of getting acquainted with people from all over the world and exchange knowledge about each others countries and legal systems."

Michiel Wuisman, the Netherlands

Participant Amsterdam session 2005:
(translated from Dutch) "The thing I will treasure the most about the Columbia Summer Program is the friendship that developed amongst the participants. It's been a very special experience to interact so intensely, and in a relatively short period of time, with a group of people from all over the world. This alone is a great reason to enroll for the program...!"

Luc Jansen, the Netherlands

Participant Amsterdam session 2005:
"I really enjoyed taking classes of professors from the Columbia Law School. It greatly improved my understanding of Common Law, teaching methods in the United States and my knowledge of legal English. In addition, it really helped me a lot in pursuing an LLM degree the year after. And, last but not least, I met some great people from all over the world."

Aleksandra Mazur, Poland

Participant Leiden session 2006:
"Good quality, very useful, very nice people, great fun!"

Flavio Monfrini, Italy

Participant Leiden session 2006:
"It's [=the program] very well organized and [the] teaching staff is outstanding."

Anna Katharina Wolf, Germany

Participant Leiden session 2008:
"It is a valuable opportunity to gain an insight into the US legal system. I learned a lot during the program and found the teaching inspiring and motivating."

Markus Strauss, Germany

Participant Leiden session 2008:
"Great experience in terms of learning and meeting people!"


Participant Amsterdam session 2011:
"I would recommend this programme to my law firm, and a lot of other law firms in my country deal with American clients. For us, it is very important to know how Americans think about law as a way to explain our own system."


Participant Amsterdam session 2014:
"Not only has it been useful with regard to the academic preparation, but it has been also very enjoyable with regard to the human relationships established with professors and classmates."